Fiber Patch Panel Price

The internet connection of fiber optic networks has become a gold standard for a fast, reliable and high quality signal transmission in business. Nowadays, ethernet of 40G, 100G and even 400G advanced technology brings new challenges that data center technicians have to face: how to maintain network’s high availability, reduce overall cost and make a plan for future development. During the process of pursuing goals of optimizing network’s capacity and performance, cable management may lose control. Under this situation, a fiber patch panel is the key for making a well designed network in data center without sacrificing neat, cost-efficient cable management.

It’s no doubt that fiber patch panel acts as an essential part of cabling system. It’s the nerve center in cabling system because it can help to improve the connection of different electronic devices. If there’s something with fiber patch panel, the whole network may be out of order. Therefore, choosing an appropriate fiber patch panel is of great importance. And the price is one of the principal factors that will decide users’ choice. Today, we will introduce several fiber patch panels’ price provided by FS.COM for your reference.

Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel Price

Rack mount fiber patch panel is designed for standard 19 inch rack mounting with various rack units of 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U. Depending on different types, the price varies greatly. The 4U rack mount fiber enclosure enjoys the top price up to 140 dollars. This type of fiber patch panel is used for high-density fiber connectivity products. However, 1U 19 inch fiber patch panel is the most common type applied in data center. FS.COM 1U Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure picks SPCC as the material with black coating. It can accommodate 4x fiber adapter panels or 4x MTP MPO cassette at the attractive price of 68 dollars while other suppliers may sell at 159 dollars.

1U rack mount patch panel

Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panel Price

Wall mount fiber patch panel adopts a compact design for fiber connection, which can be fixed on walls for saving floor space. FS.COM offers two types, 2-Door 2-Adapter Panel Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure and 2-Door 4-Adapter Panel Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure. Obviously, the latter one is more expensive for it can support more adapter, thus it can connect 96 fibers. Both the two products employ the upgraded L-shaped designed door, which can provide more space for on-site operation and cable management. Prices of the two wall mount enclosure are 60 dollars and 90 dollar, which is much cheaper than other producers.

wall mount patch panel

24 Port and 48 Port Fiber Patch Panel Price

24 port fiber patch panel and 48 port fiber patch panel are the bestselling products on FS.COM, for their favorable prices with good quality. FS.COM offers a highly competitive price varies from 18 dollars to 55 dollars for customers. With the innovative design for protecting and organizing fiber optic cable, all the commodities have passed international quality system standard.


FS.COM serves a comprehensive line of fiber patch panels, in order to support various networks’ needs. And fiber patch panel prices here are preferential. Available in good price and superior in quality, the fiber patch panels have been sold at home and abroad.