How to Install Patch Panel in Rack

As the requirements of network and data center enjoy sustainable growth, the demand for a fast, reliable and customized network will also increase. With the help of color coding, patch panel and other methods or solutions, the unorganized and disordered fiber cable is managed in an organized and neat way, which really can help set up a well designed network. However, how to install a patch panel in rack? Today, we will discuss this question.

What Is a Patch Panel?

A patch panel often acts as a connector in a network system. It is usually constructed of steel, mental or plastic used in home, commercial audio studio setups, or industries. The ports of a patch panel are the connection places for cable signal’s entry and exit. The patch panel can use cables to interconnect the electronic devices such as computers or fax machines within a local area network and to the external lines in a larger area network. In addition, the ethernet patch panel can be used for wiring cat5, cat6 and cat7 cables. Commonly, patch panels are mounted on a network rack, occupying 1U or 1.75 inches of space above or below the network switch.

What Is Rack?

Rack, an information technology term, is a metal frame made of aluminum or stainless steel. Supporting hardware equipment like patch panel, hard disk drives and so on is the device’s main application. The rack makes it easy for managing network because it contains many mounting slots called bays. Its standard size is 19inches wide with a rack unit of 1.75inches. Racks of 19inches size are generally used in places such as data centers and server rooms. It benefits the network operation.

Steps of Installing Patch Panel in Rack

It is essential to follow correct procedures in patch panel rack installation so as to achieve optimum performance and reliability. Here are three main steps for your reference.


Before installation, rack elevation and layout must be considered. Thus user can determine how many rack units are available for a patch panel. Then ensure the patch cords are matched to the installed cables, because optical fiber cords of different types should not be mixed.


  • Holdthe drawer of patch panel in an upwards position and pull it forwards.Using the appropriate machine screws and then attach the patch panel assembly to the rack.
  • Cut each cable into a suitable port, then use a strap to secure the cables.
  • Write specific information on labels for identification.


The final step is to make a visual inspection to make sure all things are in a safe environment. This step can not be ignored since safety comes first.

patch panel in rack


Patch Panel is the most convenient way for solving the problem of connecting equipment of varying speeds in a data center environment. And the installation of patch panel in rack offers an ideal solution for network management. Using a rack can save space for mounting networking equipment. This solution is easy to manage and can offer you the flexible management method as your technology changes.